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Distractify is a leading entertainment company in the mobile era.Our team is an unlikely group of creatives who have influenced communities like Youtube and Reddit. Through an understanding of content creation and social sharing, we publish some of the most popular stories on the Web, exploring culture, lifestyle, human insight, and current events.Since launching in October 2013, our work has reached over 250m readers as one of the fastest growing websites in history.


    • Quinn Hu

      Quinn Hu


    • Yosef Lerner

      Yosef Lerner


    • Jason Mustian

      Jason Mustian

      Executive Editor

    • Jake Heppner

      Jake Heppner


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      In 2013, Quinn founded Distractify at the age of 20. Since starting on YouTube in 2008, he has built a loyal following of over 1.5 million. Quinn’s understanding of shareable content is what lead Distractify to be the fastest website to reach 10 million uniques in a given month. He is also the proud father of two cats and the brother of two dogs.
      Jason is an Internet leader in leading the Internet. Prior to joining Distractify he the was Managing Editor of someecards. He is also the creator of any number of dumb sites including TL;DR Wikipedia, Pornhub Comments On Stock Photos and Fapworthy.
      Jake is an Internet leader in tracking and predicting virality. Since joining in 2012, he has accrued over half a billion views on YouTube in less than 2 years. He is also the resident alpaca hairstyles aficionado. 
    • Mark Pygas

      Mark Pygas


    • Megan McCormick

      Megan McCormick


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    • Matt Buco

      Matt Buco


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      Mark manages several of our teams to ensure the smooth running of Distractify. He also works with us as a content producer for the site and is a Geography and History graduate of the University of Hull.
      Meg is a New Englander now living in Brooklyn, NY. She likes cute animals more than people and coffee more than water. She has previously written content for Buzzfeed as well as Death and Taxes magazine. Meg is now a Senior Editor for Distractify.
      Pinar is a Brooklyn-based human who occasionally writes in third person. With a passionate interest in the arts—highbrow, lowbrow, and everything in between—she takes delight in sharing creative and culturally rich content with the world. She has a brother named Gurkan. Hi Gurkan.
      Matt is a father to a 1-year-old daughter and a dog in a wheelchair. He is from New York and is one of the best NES tetris players in the world. When he's not photoshopping birds with arms or practicing tetris, he writes for Distractify.
    • Alex Scola

      Alex Scola


    • Beth Buczynski

      Beth Buczynski


    • Shavkat Aynurin

      Shavkat Aynurin

      Director of Technology

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      Alex is a native Las Vegan (not to be confused with any other kind of vegan), currently living in Portland, OR. With a knack for turning passions into income, he has worked in a variety of arenas, from personal fitness to music and film. When he’s not writing, traveling, writing about traveling, or doing one of a million other hobbies he doesn’t have time for, he chips away at his major life goals of owning a batmobile and being a superhero.
      Beth is a Colorado-based, planet-loving writer with fancy degrees in Creative Writing and Communications (See? Sometimes they come in handy). She likes outdoor concerts, growing things, and pays way too much attention to her cat. Before Distractify, she blogged all over the Interwebs and authored a book about sharing.
      Shavkat is a self-professed code guru who has worked for News360 and Luxoft in the past. Now, he protects humanity by ensuring that Distractify never becomes self aware.