25 Of The Cutest Otters To Ever Grace This Planet

Smart, streamlined, and completely adorable. Prepare to melt.

1 . This little ball of adorable.

Source: justcuteanimals.com

2 . These little babies who are too cute for words.

Source: reddit.com

3 . This casual guy who just wants to relax.

Source: reddit.com

4 . This very curious reader.

Source: amolife.com

5 . This guy in the middle who's having the best day ever.

Source: sites.psu.edu

6 . This little nose.

Source: tehcute.com

7 . This little lady who's REALLY SURPRISED about something.

Source: hamusoku.com

8 . This adorable swimmer.

Source: amolife.com

9 . This guy who's not too sure about how cold that ice is.

Source: justcuteanimals.com

10 . This athlete with a sweet dunk.

Source: reddit.com

11 . This exchange of secrets.

Source: edgeoftheplank.com

12 . This very cheery cutie.

Source: tehcute.com

13 . This handful of fuzziness.

Source: newshopper.sulekha.com

14 . This mum who's very proud of her little creation.

Source: cutestpaw.com

15 . This guy who's having a little too much fun.

Source: cutestpaw.com

16 . This lil' babe with a bottle.

Source: cutebabyotters.tumblr.com

17 . This guy who's here to talk whenever you're ready.

Source: cuteotters.com

18 . This casual little guy who just stopped in to say hey.

Source: dailyotter.org

19 . This face.

Source: amolife.com

20 . These cuties holding hands while they sleep.

Source: imagesci.com

21 . This nonchalant beauty.

Source: amolife.com

22 . This floating duo.

Source: amolife.com

23 . This little one who's just really excited to see how much he weighs.

Source: cute-overload.blogspot.com

24 . These cuties who are ready for their album-cover shoot.

Source: 943thepoint.com

25 . And this smile.

Source: rebloggy.com


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