7. The Future Bathroom

Source: fittzone.com
In the future, toilets are indistinguishable from the trash, bidet, and sink. It makes things more exciting.

12. The Mortality Toilet

Source: Flickr

Hit the head and practice a Hamlet-esque monologue, or maybe just a good ol' fashioned existential crisis!

17. The Surprise Bathroom

Source: walyou.com

Not only can it propel you onto the stage for the Superbowl halftime show, but it can also hide below ground when not functioning as a public toilet.

19. The Egg Pod

Source: tumblr.com

Take a futuristic bathroom journey with these strange egg shaped bathroom stalls at London's "sketch restaurant."

27. The Tropical Challenge Bathroom

Source: houzz.com

It's like Legends of the Hidden Temple, only the motivation behind the adventure is far more urgent than the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

28. The Mirror Mosaic

Source: theberry.com
With every surface covered in mirror except for the toilet, you're guaranteed to have a great view of the whole affair.

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