Using His Finger, He Turns Dirty Car Windows Into Amazing Paintings

While most people would see a dirty car window as, well, a dirty car window, artist Scott Wade sees a blank canvas! Wade, who lives on a Texas dirt road notorious for covering cars in white dust, uses his fingers and an assortment of brushes to turn grime into art. What started as doodles when he was just a kid, has blossomed into a lifelong passion that’s earned him the nickname “the da Vinci of Dust.”

Each painting usually takes anywhere from forty minutes to four hours. And while the artworks will only last as long as the weather allows it, the artist says he loves the impermanence of the art form. It reminds him that we should enjoy the beauty of life while we’re here and to not take everything too seriously.

You can see more of Wade's Dirty Car Art over on his website.

H/t LifeBuzz


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