20 Simple Tricks For Turning Household Eyesores Into Gorgeous Decor. This Is Brilliant!

Everyone has one or two things in their home that they'd like to just sweep under the rug, and these clever tricks allow you to do just that. 

“This book shelf, which holds up to 15 pounds of books, screws directly into a wall stud and presto – you have an invisible book shelf! The maximum stack height is 16-Inches. All hardware is included so all you need is a screwdriver. The Conceal Book Shelf, which has already won design awards, is innovative, inspirational and imaginative.”

Decorate power switches with stickers that’ll remind your kids to save energy

I love these simple solutions to streamlining your home and just had to share them with you. If I missed any quick fixes, please tell me about them in the comments. 


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