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When you're an artist, you're in a constant battle between making money with your talent and selling out. Part of what makes an artist great is their ability to comment on the world honestly as they see it. And that's what puts them in high demand. It's a part of what makes them get producers and TV executives interested enough to pay them boatloads of money to use their art and bring in ad dollars.

That's where the conflict of interest comes in; artists might be asked to "tame" themselves for their new bosses. We usually see this kind of battle between edgy actors and musicians rallying against producers to create something brutally honest. For instance, try being a studio exec telling Christian Bale what to do in a role and you'll see the response they'll get.

But when you think of family-friendly programming, like, America's Got Talent, for example, the words "artistic integrity" probably don't even enter into the conversation.