Maybe we're all just sadistic terrible people, but we can't help but eat up all the ridiculous Hollywood drama thrown our way. There's a reason the Internet lost its mind with Jennifer Aniston gifs when Brangelina announced their divorce and an all-out war began when we learned that Taylor Swift had talked to Kanye about his lyrics referencing her — we just can't get enough of the chaos. 

But no reality TV drama, or Hollywood drama in general, rivaled the juiciness of the union between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, who are expecting their first child together. 


In case you're one of the few who still refuses to learn the family drama, swallow your pride and listen up. 

Blac Chyna was previously engaged to Tyga, and the two have a son together, King Cairo. Back in those days, Chyna and Kim Kardashian were besties.

THEN, Chyna and Tyga broke up and Tyga went on to date the youngest member of the Kardashian dynasty (well in that generation, at least) Kylie. This led to a bestie breakup between Chyna and Kim and a feud began between the whole Kardashian / Jenner fam and Chyna.

And then, as we know, Rob and Chyna began dating and got engaged. Twitter and probably Kris Jenner's head exploded when the two first got together. So the pregnancy obviously took its toll on the family. 

And sure, it seemed like the Kardashian / Jenner clan warmed to the idea of Chyna joining the family. 

snapchat / instagram

She began appearing in the family's Instagram photos and Snapchats. The Kardashians are all about family, after all... even when the family tree gets complicated AF. 

But clearly, there was still some lingering awkwardness, as evidenced by an upcoming scene from Rob & Chyna at Khloe's birthday party:

Rob was not comfortable with the whole situation. 

e! / youtube

Clearly, he needed to take some of Kris Jenner's advice. 

Although there's no way that imagining Mary Poppins will make this cringey interaction any less painful to watch: 

And don't get us started on the weird pleasantries between exes Chyna and Tyga. 

e! / youtube

We really feel bad for them, though. Just imagine if all of our awkward catch-up sessions with exes were televised. Just.. no. 

TBH, this is how we felt watching it: