21 Greatest Thrift Store Finds

Thrift stores are like treasure troves for both the unemployed, and hipsters who want to make an ironic fashion statement despite the fact that their parents make six figures. There’s an immeasurable wealth of ugly sweaters, ties with cats on them, and woolen socks to be had for those willing to throw down a buck or two. But there are other things to be found besides just pairs of pants that you’ll need to wash three or four times before you wear them. Things like...

1. The Epitome of High Fashion

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If by “high fashion” you mean “things you would only wear while high.”

2. A Place for True Beliebers to Plant Their Fannies

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There’s absolutely no reason for this to ever exist, but now that it does, we want one.

10. A Muscle Shirt to Increase Your White Trash Cred

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A great wedding gift for that friend who knocked up his date at prom.

11. Bill Cosby’s Message to the Youth of 1971

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Skoo-biddily bop away from drugs before you skeep-boodilly boo.

16. A Shirt to Celebrate Your Own Virginity

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May the Force be with you, because the ability to get laid clearly isn’t.

19. And a Tape for the Cannibal Tween

Source: imgur.com
Because, as any psychologist will tell you, cannibalism is one of the common stages of childhood rebellion.

As you can see, thrift stores aren’t just for those who are a bit down on their luck; they’re also for people with poor taste, parents who aren’t all that concerned with how their kids are going to turn out, and devotees of a new religion based on the teachings of Jedus. Now THAT sounds like a party!


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