We've all been seduced by procrastination. Putting off our responsibilities for a few days or weeks, until the unholy hour of recognition is upon you and it's the night before said assignment or project is due.

Usually, you turn in a half-assed attempt at an assignment. You drop in some weak sources, paraphrase a lot of Wikipedia stuff you read online and then turn it in after spell-checking only the intro and conclusion and then hope to get a passing grade on the thing.

What happens if you're unable to do even that?

Like this student who got way too drunk, and then only remembered she had an assignment to do when she woke up the next morning.

She was still blasted from the night before, which was corroborated by a friend's snapchat, who sent a photo from the previous night to show just how lit McKenna Clark got that night.

So when McKenna realized she had to get her assignment in, despite being totally drunk, she tried...she really did. Then she gave up.

Her entire assignment reads as follows:

"Illegal to kiss on train (mala prohibita) talk about whether it should be illegal or not. It should be legal to kiss on the train because it is romantic. Professor Grams, my name is McKenna. I had some Dr. Pepper's I am doing good. Your assignment is way too hard. I can't do it right now. I am better now, however, because the Dr. Pepper's wore off. I am now contemplating the assignemtm that you gave me. It's illegal to kiss on the train because it is a safety violation. If you are kissing while on the train you must realize that it could end up being dangerous. If the driver was kissing on the train, who would be driving the train. You are welcome.

Love you,"

Horrifically, drunk McKenna sent the assignment into her professor, and she tweeted her terrible mistake, to the delight of the internet.

"PSA: don’t write papers hammered and then turn them in like me."

McKenna still can't believe that she turned in the embarrassing answer to the professor's train-kissing question, and you know what's even worse? Her teacher hasn't responded to her yet.