It's the first day of fall and there's a lot to be excited for. Pumpkin Spice everything. Leggings. Jackets. Not sweating like an animal when you go to take out the trash. Crisp autumn mornings, I mean it's all great.

But let's address the elephant in the room here: that means Summer is officially over. No more justified laziness and partying. No more insane vacations. No more beach days. No more long-as-hell days and warm nights where you can grab ice cream with your friends in flip flops and a muscle shirt. Because let's be honest: all other shirts pale in comparison to muscle shirts.

And now that the realization that summer is officially over, people are having a hard time dealing with it.

1. My thoughts exactly, fake Kendall Jenner account.

2. Same.

3. Don't do it, but I feel your pain.

4. You're no longer allowed to do nothing.


5. Terrible

6. It's like remembering you have to be an adult.


6. It sucks the life out of you.


8. That just means you partied hard enough.

9. Some people try to find silver linings...

10. But come on, we all know the truth.

11. Don't even act like this isn't you.


12. Total anarchy.

13. The lament of children everywhere.


14. I never thought about it that way...

15. Death stare.

16. That's...not how it works.

17. The season change sucks too.

19. But seriously, though...

20. Think about the bees!

21. No one's talking to you, AZ.


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22. No more sharing popsicles either :(


23. Even animals are depressed.


24. So much beauty wasted.

25. Damn you, Fall.