I totally get wanting that perfect meal. Hell, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle's entire premise is based on two stoners not settling for a meal other than what they were craving. Sure, White Castle is kinda disgusting, but it's so disappointing to not get what you want, especially when it comes to grub.

And it's not like Subway is any higher on the culinary ladder compared to Whitey's, but I still understand people's disappointment when their local sandwich shop chain is out of sweet onion sauce.

What I don't understand is when a customer throws an absolute poop-fit on some minimum-wage earning fast-food employee for telling them that they're out of their favorite gross food.

Like this irate Subway customer who outright refuses to accept that the restaurant is out of meatballs.

She throws out a lot of arguments about how her favorite neighborhood Subway is in the wrong, and demands that they put up a sign that says the meatballs aren't available, because how dare they get her hopes up for a bland meat byproduct, gluten-and-sauce concoction, and then force her to discover it's not available for consumption via verbal communication.

How dare you, Subway.