We'd all like to think that if we were a part of our favorite fantasy world or scenario, that we'd be the hero, or a bad-ass in said scenario. Like no Harry Potter fan thinks they'd be a Hufflepuff.

So when Pottermore released its latest quiz: "What's your Patronus" people were excited to see the epic spirit animal they'd get.


People were understandably very excited.


Some people loved their results...

...while others were a bit disappointed.




Even Evanna Lynch, AKA, Luna friggin' Lovegood wasn't getting any love for her patronus.

warner bros.

In Harry Potter canon, Lovegood's patronus is a hare. But Lynch let curiosity get the best of her and see exactly what patronus she'd get pegged with.

And it was a stupid salmon.

She was understandably upset that her patronus is a creature famed for swimming upstream and getting eaten by bears.

I mean, she really wasn't taking it well.

Twitter tried allying her clearly wounded ego.

And she eventually learned to embrace being a salmon and sought solidarity with her other fish-folk.


Apparently, a lot of people got salmon, too.




And if you got salmon as your patronus, well, look on the bright side: at least you're in the same company as Luna Lovegood.

Which is pretty awesome, at the end of the day.

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