10 Of The Most Baffling Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

I miss the old TV show, Unsolved Mysteries...the creepy music, the b-actors, the excessive use of fog in almost every scene...but most of all, the fascinating unsolved cases that gave me goosebumps! The following 11 mysteries have stumped experts and investigators for years. Lots of theories have been raised, but they've never been solved. 

The Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley


Amy (in the red striped shirt) disappeared on March 24, 1998 at the age of 23 from Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas. She was last seen with a member of the ship's band, Blue Orchid, known by the alias "Yellow." Her parents have speculated that she was sold into the sex trade based on sitings at brothels in Curacao, and photos from a prostitution website. According to Wikipedia, it is unlikely that she fell overboard and drowned. Bradley was a lifeguard, plus the ship was close to shore at the time of her disappearance. Her family insists that she didn't wander off to start a new life. She was happy and had a new job and a dog to come home to.
Source: Wikipedia

The Green Children of Woolpit


English folklore is full of so many tales of green people but this is perhaps the most famous. During the 12th century, two green skinned children appeared in the village of Woolpit. They spoke another language and refused to eat anything other than raw beans. The boy child eventually passed away, but the girl child adjusted and learned English. She lost her green hue and married eventually, but only gave vague and mysterious answers as to where she came from throughout her life.
Source: Wikipedia

The Max Headroom Broadcast Interruption

Source: Youtube

On the evening of November 22, 1987, a team of hijackers interrupted Dr. Who to bring you this disturbing message. The hijackers were never found or identified.

The Taos Hum

Source: List 25

In Taos, New Mexico, there's a hum that no one can explain that sounds like a distant, huge diesel engine...but not exactly. Not everyone hears the hum, and no one seems to be able to explain what it is. The hum is also impossible to record.

The Roanoke Colony

Source: National Geographic

One of the first settlements in America completely vanished. All evidence of 150 colonists vanished at some point during the Anglo-Spanish war while their mayor was detoured in England retrieving supplies To this day there has been no conclusive evidence as to what happened to the colonists, though people have theorized they were wiped out by either the Natives or Spanish soldiers.

The Death Of Jack Davis, Jr.

Source: Listverse

Jack went missing after a night of partying with his buddies in 1987 and his body was found at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell five days later. The coroner initially ruled that Jack had died from accidental alcohol poisoning, but there was no alcohol in his blood. He had been clean shaven the night he disappeared, but there was stubble on his face. Also, it had rained in the days following his disappearance, but his clothes were not wet! There's a popular theory that Jack was injured during a fight between rival fraternities, and held captive until he succombed to them, but his case remains unsolved.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident


They set out to go on a ski hike, but days later the mysteriously orange-tanned, half-naked bodies of 9 hikers were found near their demolished tent and a note that read: “From now on we know there are snowmen.” Many of the poor souls also had crushing wounds, and it's been reported that the bodies were slightly radioactive. And, strangely, one woman was missing her tongue. Theories on what happened to these hikers on a remote mountain in Russia have ranged from aliens to the testing of a super sonic weapon. This mystery is from the late 1950s, but remains unsolved today.



Not one person - amateur or professional - has been able to crack the code on this massive work of art. The sculpture was created by Jim Sanborn and calls the CIA headquarters in Virginia home.

The Wow! Signal


On August 15, 1977 Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977 quite possibly detected a sign of intelligent life in the universe. The signal came from deep space almost 120 light years away. It lasted for the full 72-second window that Big Ear was able to observe it, but has never been detected again. Scientists say that if the signal came from extraterrestrials, they are likely to be an very advanced civilization because their transmitter would have to be much stronger than any we currently have on earth.
Source: Wikipedia

The Third Eye Man

Source: Listverse

Students from the University of South Carolina have reported several instances of seeing this man coming and going from a manhole in a silver suit. A cop later came upon him standing among mutilated chicken bodies. Tunnels were searched, but the man was never found. It's unclear if he was a shut-in or just a simple prank...but sightings continued through the 1990s.
Source: listverse

If I missed any epic unsolved mysteries, please share them with me in the comments. Thanks for reading!