27 Reasons Cats Are Taking Over the World

They’re cute, furry, and probably plotting our death as we speak. 

1. They are annexing our territory

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2. They are trained assassins

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3. They show no mercy

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4. They will frame you

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5. They have mastered the element of surprise

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6. They know the best hiding spots

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7. Their battle techniques are evolving

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8. Their technology is evolving

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9. Everything is afraid of them

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10. They don’t need a reason to be jerks

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11. They are craftier than they appear

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12. They are getting smarter

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13. They are escape artists

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14. They are masters of disguise

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15. Their camouflage techniques are unparalleled

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16. They are skilled trappers

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17. They are faster than the average ninja

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18. They have learned to work in teams

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19. You never see them coming

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20. They’re already hunting us down one by one

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21. They’ve already enslaved dogs

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...and humans


22. They are elusive

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23. They are not affected by gravity

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24. They are invincible

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25. Every part of them is dangerous

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26. They are always plotting their next move

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27. And worst of all..they are always watching us

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Source: mycatisadick.com