Cops Are In Trouble For Forging THIS Statement From An Officer, But I Think They Deserve An Award

The West Midlands Police Department was contacted on multiple occasions by Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) seeking an account of an altercation involving Officer PC Peach. Here's the thing: Officer PC Peach is a K9 - a doggy! When The West Midlands Police Department tried to tell CPS that Peaches couldn't actually give a statement (other than woof, woof, sniff, sniff) it seemed to fall on deaf ears. A day would pass and then there'd be another request for a statement from Peaches.After a while, the department decided to "help" Peaches to give a statement. Then - maybe - CPS would get the message. 

Officers couldn’t understand why the CPS wouldn’t understand that Peach was a dog, so they sent back this statement.


It was meant as a joke, but nevertheless The Professional Standards Department will be investigating the police department after the false statement. In my opinion, someone should the prosecutors who couldn’t quite grasp why a German Shepherd was incapable of making a statement.

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