24 Things That Our Dogs Do When We're Not Home

Just like we're different people when our parents aren't around, dogs don't always act the same when we're not home. After years of research, we finally have photographic evidence of all the things that our pups do the second we leave the house. The results may surprise you!

1 . Change the toilet paper roll

Source: cutedogpix.com

2 . Clean the countertops

Source: dogbreedinfo.com

3 . Make a pillow fort

Source: cutedogpix.com

4 . Go fishing

Source: twincities.com

5 . Smile at the neighbors

Source: dogfriendzy.com

6 . Make faces at the neighbors

Source: pbh2.com

7 . Find something to eat

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8 . Get some paperwork done

Source: dogdoesn'tfetch.com

9 . Redecorate

Source: portaldodog.com.br

10 . Try new hobbies

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11 . Guard the house from cats

Source: imgur.com

12 . Watch TV

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13 . Get “friendly” with other animals

Source: buzzfeed.com

14 . Go for a swim

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15 . Hang out on the couch

Source: tickld.com

16 . Try a new look

Source: afranko.com

17 . Practice yoga

Source: rollingdogranch.org

18 . Try on new clothes

Source: weknowmemes.com

19 . Photosynthesize

Source: weknowmemes.com

20 . Cook dinner

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21 . Snuggle

Source: cdn.thebarkpost.com

22 . Decorate for the holidays

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23 . Take a mid-day nap

Source: jokeroo.com

24 . Play some ball

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I guess our best friends aren't so different from us after all!

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