These 50 Powerful Photos Capture Extraordinary Moments In The Wild

A frog sails through the rain on a homemade sailboat.

Source: Penkdix Palme

Source: Eko Adiyanto

An elephant guards the body of a fallen friend from scavengers.

Source: John Chaney / National Geographic

Source: Caters News Agency

Source: Petra Bensted / National Geographic

The elegant coconut octopus is found in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean.

Source: Mario Neumann

Two stallions battle for dominance.

Source: Vedran Vidak

A clownfish and eel meet for the first time.

Source: Tomasz Grabowiecki

Source: Tom Samuelson

An elegant blue half-moon betta fish.

Source: Unknown Photographer

Source: Dirk Kanz

Source: Hendri Venter

Source: Eiko Jones

Source: Thomas Hawk

Source: Unknown Photographer

An owl and a woodpecker attempt to intimidate one another.

Source: Ian Schofield / National Geographic

A leopard retreats to the trees for a well-earned meal

Source: Simon E

Source: Unknown Photographer

The beautiful multi-colored cuckoo wasp.

Source: Unknown Photographer

An ant drinks from a droplet of water.

Source: Unknown Photographer

Source: Kevin Dietrich

Source: Kevin Schafer

Source: Paul Keates

Source: Unknown Photographer

The breathtaking african bush viper is well known for its beautifully colored scales.

Source: Unknown Photographer

Source: Tim Flach

Source: Sam Morris / National Geographic

Source: Suyud Wahyudin

An arctic fox enjoys the snowfall.

Source: Unknown Photographer

Source: Orpelli Massimiliano

Source: Robert Dreeszen

Source: Unknown Photographer

In an amazing display, fish hitch a ride on the back of a whale shark.

Source: Alexander Safonov

Source: Steve Winter

The vibrant weedy seadragon carries fertilized eggs.

Source: Richard Wylie

The sardine run in South Africa sees billions of fish form into unimaginably large groups as they migrate to warmer waters.


Source: Kyle McBurnie

Source: Joel Sartore

Source: Nicolas Reusens

Source: Edwin Kats

Source: Chris McLennan

Source: Unknown Author

Goat kids playing at 14,000 feet

Source: Goat kids playing at 14,000 feet

Source: Ariel Schalit

Tiny baby octopii emerge from their strange pods.

Source: Simon Chandra / National Geographic

Source: Nemesiscom

Source: Robin Moore

The delicate glasswinged butterfly.

Source: Unknown Photographer