23 Times When Kids Tried To Be Grownups And Failed Hilariously

1 . When this little girl cut her own hair

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2 . When these two tried to draw a relaxing bubble bath

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3 . When this little kid decided to wait til he was 16 before he drove again

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4 . When this aspiring tattoo artist got a little too creative

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5 . When this pickup artist tried to be smooth

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6 . When this little guy tried to use the big boy toilet

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7 . When Ronni---I mean, Ronnie's mom--- wrote a note for school

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8 . When this chef whipped up a culinary masterpiece

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9 . When this little boy tried pouring the juice just like mom

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10 . When this little girl wanted to read all by herself

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11 . When this future farmer learned the power of a good tractor

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12 . When this wannabe momma found the perfect baby for her stroller

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13 . When this fashionista put on some makeup

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14 . When this kid brushed his teeth and also his face

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15 . When this kitchen assistant found himself in a pickle

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16 . When this aspiring photographer was never allowed near a camera again

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17 . When this kid's NBA dreams came crashing down

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18 . When this little tyke tried to help with the groceries

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19 . When it was determined that this kid should never be a firefighter

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20 . When this boy got his first real experience with yardwork

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21 . When this baby tried to feed himself

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22 . When this toddler dreamt big (and heavy)

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23 . When this girl tried to be gangsta and ended up just saying "I love you"

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