20 Simple Tricks For Turning Household Eyesores Into Gorgeous Decor. This Is Brilliant!

Paper towel rolls are the best way to store your wires tangle-free

Source: instructables.com

Install drawers under the stairwell

Source: deriba.co.uk

Hide your ugly router in a nice box

Source: sweetsanitydesigns.com

Turn Your Cords Into Bob Marley’s Hair

Source: facebook.com

Use invisible book shelves

Source: mironlior.com

“This book shelf, which holds up to 15 pounds of books, screws directly into a wall stud and presto – you have an invisible book shelf! The maximum stack height is 16-Inches. All hardware is included so all you need is a screwdriver. The Conceal Book Shelf, which has already won design awards, is innovative, inspirational and imaginative.”

Turn your headphones’ wires into electrical towers

Source: danielballou.com

Hide your jewellery with a painting

Source: diy-enthusiasts.com

Turn your router into an old book

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Hide your AC behind a useful to-do-list chalkboard

Source: decorhacks.com

Turn your power chords into pretty vines

Source: amazon.com

Hide your power chords behind a neat picket fence

Install stairs that double as drawers

Source: houzz.com

Use tape to jazz up your laundry machine and drier

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Decorate power switches with stickers that’ll remind your kids to save energy

Source: boredpanda.com

Use a desk curtain to keep wires out of sight

Source: refinery29.com

Hide alarms, thermostats or pool controls with art

Source: blissbloomblog.com

Hide water pipes in your garden with fake rock domes

Source: plowhearth.com

Create a charging drawer for all of your electronics

Source: www.houzz.com

Cover an oddly colored refrigerator with removable wallpaper

Source: auntpeaches.com

Cover your ordinary bathtub in imitation stone siding

Source: lovelycraftyhome.com

Hang a painting from your TV when it’s not in use

Source: tulipandturnip.blogspot.com

Hide your cat’s bathroom inside a cabinet

Source: elipsdesign.com

I love these simple solutions to streamlining your home and just had to share them with you. If I missed any quick fixes, please tell me about them in the comments.