47 "People" Who Have No "Idea" How To Use "Quotation Marks"

When misused, quotation marks make even the most innocent sentences worthy of some serious suspicion.

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The hard truth about customer service.

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...Actually, this one is pretty on-point.

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No “strings” attached

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Gender is so just so fluid nowadays.

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“But is not ready for a serious relationship right now.”

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I like the forwardness, but maybe buy me a drink first?

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This just speaks for itself.

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Definitely not a drug front.

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They won’t judge you if you’re actually just fat

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Totally not breathing on the back of your neck and whispering in tongues.

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Or giant pit of death. Only one way to find out.

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If only everyone were this honest.

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Has it been sitting out for two days? Yes. Is there mold on it? No.

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Looks like I’m in that particularly sleazy part of the neighborhood again.

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“Totally not death” awaits you there.

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Objects in quotation marks. For, you know, reasons.

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*Turns faucet on, waits ten seconds, turns it off* Yeah, you know who you are.

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The only reason this pole isn’t rolling its eyes is because it doesn’t have eyes.

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At least, that’s what they tell the horse.

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Hopefully more integrity than the structure of their building.

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Someone just earned their Blatant Abuse of Punctuation badge.

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That awkward moment when someone stands too close to you at the manure pile.

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I request a worldwide z-snap in honor of this fine individual.

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Whatever this is, I want it nowhere near my hands.

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Something seems fishy here.

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How to emasculate your employees in just four easy marks.

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Their racial profiling abilities are unparalleled.

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This is how people die.

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I'm suddenly a vegetarian.

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He's the one who totally won't inject your breasts with cement. Totally not that one.

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Technically it’s upstairs if there’s a basement, right?

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Literally no one is surprised that these are found on a white van.

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Well… I mean… I guess you’re right…

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This is America. When writing, learn how to punctuate your own language.

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You can’t even tell me that Walter White isn’t operating out of this place.

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After a week, food safety laws require them to add a second set of quotations.

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The double negative makes this one extra tricky. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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Ah, so we're at one of THOSE Chinese restaurants.

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Good luck trying to win a shootout against a zombie cop.

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Pay only with your eternal soul.

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I need an adult and a shower.

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Source: thechive.comExcuse me, but my last girlfriend called it a "third leg."

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Source: imgur.comThe fact that it's also underlined makes it all the more clear that it's not your money they want.

45 .

Source: imgur.comMy old high school cafeteria also served this and other types of "food."

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Source: imgur.comNice try, but I've been on this earth long enough to know that the yogurt isn't actually fat-free, and that the tomato is actually a cow.

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There will be "Kool-Aid" and we will "sacrifice a goat."