27 People Who Remind Us Monday Could Be MUCH Worse

Looks who's got a case of the Mondays...

This guy, who's now going to have to skip breakfast.

This girl, who's now going to have to skip her morning coffee.


This guy who didn't get enough sleep last night.


This sunbather.


The guy who just realized this was his last roll.


This man whose scale cracked under pressure

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These parents, who are about to get a call from child services.


The entire state of Ohio.

The guy who just remembered where he left his Kindle.

This mechanic who is now looking for a new place to work

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This driver who was definitely late for work

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These people who lost the battle against the vending machine

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This guy who ruined this couple's Disney Land Proposal

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These folks thought they'd transport paint the cheap and easy way...

This Jeopardy contestant that has no shame


This driver who ruined his Dad's new car

This woman who forgot to put it in "drive"


This guy who came up short by a thread

This mom who baked a disaster

The person who did the unthinkable

This guy who just lost his dinner

These roller coaster riders who will never be back

The writer responsible for this "fun fact"

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These people, exactly one year from now, when they realize pop culture "moments" have a very short half-life. #losing

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This drunk guy who lost his whole pizza

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This guy who thought moving a full shelf was a smart plan

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This defeated custodian