22 Animals Who Got Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed This Morning.

You know those days when you wake up and everything seems to go wrong from the start? Well, animals have 'em too. These 22 cuddly cuties are combatting some pretty severe cases of the blues.

Sometimes, last night's bad decisions ruin your morning...

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Who even are you?!

...and then you realize that you should've NEVER left your bed.

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Leave. Meh. Alone.

Don't bother attempting to do anything productive.

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When you finally give up, you feel exactly like this.

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Why bother trying?

On those REALLY bad days, even your body hates you.

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What the what?!

Then the day finally ends, you admit your defeat.

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Because some days, you just have to go and hide.

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But at least you've never gotten your head stuck in a washing machine...I hope.

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Nor have you and your babies been blown away by a gust of wind.

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And if you wake up in a cage of beer cans, you'll be more than pleased to drink your way out...unlike him!

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While this tiger may never be king, he might have the chance to be President or Prime Minister.

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I mean, he's doing a way better job than Rob Ford.

We all have to be stepped on to eventually get our opportunity to climb to the top...right?!

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Though life sometimes knocks you down...

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And you feel stuck. Just...stuck.

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And while your attempts at finding true love regularly fail...

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Hopefully, exercise is a good release for your rage...instead of the source of even more discontent.

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At the end, I hope you know who your real friends are...like this lil' dude who found out the hard way.

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Always chase your dreams, even in the darkest of places...just try not to get stuck.

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Even if you don't have all the moves...always keep dancing.

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Things will get better.

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Once you hit rock bottom, there's no place to go but UP.

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Remember: tomorrow is another day.