If you thought only dogs could be brought along on camping trips...


Or allowed to frolic in fields...


It's time to think again.


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An organization called Adventure Cats is working hard to bring awareness to the ways pet cats can enjoy the outdoors alongside their humans.


From running through sand dunes...


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...To going on boat rides...

...To exploring the snowy mountainside...


...Adventure Cats shows brave kitties enjoying the world around them like many cat owners hadn't thought possible.


Laura Moss, the founder of Adventure Cats, wanted to create a resource for cat owners leash training their cats and to work toward ending the negative stereotypes around cats and their owners.

"49 percent of Americans buy into such negative stereotypes [about cats]," Moss told Distractify. "which hurts adoptions (1.4 million cats are euthanized in U.S. shelters annually, according to the ASPCA). So if Adventure Cats can show people that cats maybe aren't what they expect — and neither are their owners — I think we can help find more kitties find forever homes.


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Moss started the Instagram account for Adventure Cats, and told Wired.com, "The response has been overwhelming in the best possible way."

"I haven't had to seek out a single contributor. I launched the Instagram account in April, kicking it off with photos of my two cats or my friends' cats, and within a matter of days, people were tagging adventurecats in photos."


It's important to remember, however, that not all cats are destined to be outdoorsy wanderers.

"Not every cat is going to love it," Moss told Distractify. "And if you have an older cat that's not accustomed to a harness, it's going to take some time and some training to get your cat comfortable with it."


"Please don't just wrestle your cat into a harness and take them outside. Both the harness and being outside are brand new — and therefore potentially frightening — experiences. It's important to take things slowly."



"Start indoors in your own home and slowly introduce your kitty to quiet environments where you'll have more control, like your own backyard."


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And there's also a distinct possibility that your cat won't like the leash life at all.



"As all cat owners know, it's a cat's world and we just live in it so pay attention to your pet's body language and don't push those limits," Moss added.



Moss also mentioned that indoor cats are healthier and live longer than outdoor cats, so it is ideal that they only go outside when supervised.


"I think people often underestimate cats in general," she said.


With the help of Adventure Cats, that is certainly bound to change.


For more information about Adventure Cats, check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook page.