50 Photos Of Actors Behind The Scenes That Will Change How You See Their Movies Forever

When the cameras stop rolling, these movie stars enjoy their break time just like everyone else. These photos of actors behind the scenes may just change your mind forever about the characters they play.       

The Shining

Source: vintag.es

Lisa Burns and Louise Burns look far less creepy between their haunting stints in hallways.

Stanley Kubrick taking a mirror selfie with his daughter, while Jack Nicholson thought it was a photo of him.

Stanley Kubrick laughing in the remains of Elstree Studios, the set of The Shining, which was destroyed during a fire. 

This proves once and for all that the wooden board did have enough room for Jack.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger practices for the final scene of the movie when he’s hanging from the skyscraper. It looks a bit different than you may remember.

Irvin Kershner consults the screenplay on the carbon-freezing chamber steps.


Even Frankenstein's monster needed to find time for a cup of tea and a quick snack!


Godzilla (albeit only his lower half) terrorizes a poor Japanese town.

Back To The Future

The DeLorean, which was much smaller than most of us remembered.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Source: freeyork.org

Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman, Mike Newell prove that Harry and Snape actually can get along.

Enemies become friends when the camera isn't rolling, as Voldemort and Dumbledore share a laugh.

The Lord of the Rings Triology

Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) keeping dry between takes

Star Wars - Special Edition

Source: imgur.com
Boba Fett unmasked on the set of the additional Jabba's Palace scenes filmed for the Star Wars special editions


John Rosengrant, an effects artist for the movie, wears a raptor half-suit for Jurassic Park III.

Harry Potter

Maggie Smith relaxing between scenes that were actually deleted from the final cuts. Incredibly, she participated in the filming while going through chemotherapy.

Life of Pi

Suraj Sharma acts out his scene in a zoomed out look of what most of the movie's filming looked like.


Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Inception. It's not surprise it looks a lot different than the movie.

The Big Lebowski

Director Joel Coen checking in on The Dude during the trippy dream sequence.

It's pretty neat to see how the magic happens, and how believable movies manage to be despite the reality of their production. Share this with other people who appreciate great films!


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