When it came to beauty trends, especially lip art, we really thought we'd seen it all. There was 3D lip art, glitter lips, galaxy lips, and even junk food-inspired lips. 

But Instagram never disappoints — and just when we think that lip art has hit its peak, another trend emerges that gives us serious #MakeupGoals. 

New York-based makeup artist Johannah Adams is taking lip art to the next level with these stunningly realistic 'geode lips.' 


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So, if you're looking to rock some quartz and amethyst on your face, this is for you. How often can you say that your lips perfectly match your jewelry?

Unfortunately for those of us who aren't magicians with makeup, crystal lips don't simply come in a tube of lipstick — the look requires tiny crystals, liquid lipstick, and metallic liquid lip color. 


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"I use a combination of a heavy glitter, a color base, and a thick clear gloss," Adams told BuzzFeed. "It's a process of mixing and layering that develops the crystal look."

Geode lips are quite the time commitment. The look takes about an hour to complete. 


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Patience is a virtue, right?

...But we'd advise against eating, drinking, speaking, and kissing with these gems because you definitely don't want to f*ck up an HOUR of art. 

It's definitely worth the labor, though. These crystals are pretty damn hypnotic. 

Adams' geode look has taken over Instagram, racking up over 15,000 likes. 

Due to popular demand, she promises that a tutorial video is headed our way soon. 

Adams' work appears to follow in the footsteps of Australian makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet's 'pyrite lips.'


✨ P Y R I T E ✨ __ Fool's Gold or Pyrite was the stone to begin my collection when I was a child. My Mum would buy a special little geology information package for me and each issue included a different stone. I was instantly enamoured with Pyrite ? __ @mehronmakeup #MetallicPowder in #silver and #gold mixed to create this muted semi gold shade, then made into liquid with @mehronmakeup mixing medium and applied with @smithcosmetics brush in #304 __ For the texture and shapes I cut up sequins in tiny pieces and glued them on, then applied my @mehronmakeup mixture over the top which by that stage it was starting to dry and turn lumpy so it gave me some extra lovely textured areas ? __ Final step was some glitter randomly spread and clear gloss only in certain areas ? __ #VALsquad #VALidate #VALsquadchallenge #beartistic #becreative #geologylips #bohemian #gypsy #crystals #gemstones #minerals #crystallove #jewels #boho #gyspylife #healingcrystals #spiritstone #crystallips #gemstonelips

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Well, this is the kind of work that puts Kylie Jenner's lip kit to shame. So, who's going to be trying this at home? 

So, who's going to be trying this at home? (h/t buzzfeed)