Olivia Clendennin and her family planned a pretty awesome surprise after learning that her father, Alby, was deploying to Afghanistan this week. Alby is a logistician for the air force and usually doesn't leave for that long. But this time, he's going for around 100 days and he'll be missing out on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even his birthday. 

So Olivia's mom and the rest of the family quickly hatched a surprise, and this weekend, they celebrated all four events at once.

First came Halloween. The whole family dressed up, and by the looks of it, dad indulged in some drinking. 


That was followed by an early birthday celebration, and it wasn't lacking presents or balloons. Olivia told Distractify that they got her father a MacBook so he can stay in touch.


That same night, the family slaved away to make sure dad wouldn't miss Thanksgiving dinner this year.


And on Sunday morning, he discovered that Santa had paid them a visit and left a heated blanket to keep him warm on the cold nights. This is honestly the most adorable thing I've ever witnessed. 


Unsurprisingly, people loved the idea when Olivia posted the photos to Twitter. The tweet currently has currently acquired 10,000 retweets and 31,000 likes in less than a day.

Olivia told Distractify that everyone in the family is surprised the tweet has gone so far. "The fact that my tweet is spreading so fast really warms my heart, and my mom thinks it's exciting because people found an interest in what we did for my dad," she said. 

And pretty much everyone is crying now.







While others fought off the tears to wish the family well.



They're not tears, my eyes are just sweating.