The Mickey D's Monopoly game is one of the longest-running major fast-food chain promotions. I'm not going to lie, even though I haven't eaten at McDonald's in years, every time I pass by one and the Monopoly game is going on, I'm tempted to stop by and order a value meal so I can get to peeling some stickers.

I've never won cash or diamonds, or that sweet Corvette they were giving away that one year - but I did nab a bunch of coupons for McChickens and small fries, which usually ended up expiring because I don't eat at McDonald's all that much anyway.

But this guy, Matt Lawson, found a better use for his Monopoly stamps: giving them away to the homeless.

Whenever I walk through Manhattan I'm constantly being accosted by panhandlers asking me for money or change to get something to eat. Now because I'm a cynical dude, I'm inclined to think that this panhandler isn't really a panhandler at all, or that they're just going to use the money for booze or drugs.

By handing out these Monopoly tickets, Matt says that there's no extra cost to you, and you can ensure that a needy person gets a meal.


Matt's idea has absolutely blown up on Facebook, getting over 17,000 shares and 34,000 likes. Some people have even taken to contacting their local McDonald's and setting up a ticket jar where people can put their unwanted food coupons in said jars so needy or hungry people can come in, grab a ticket, and get a free food item.

Matt says that the continued response to his idea has been overwhelmingly positive.

Macdonald's Restaurant In London

In an interview with Metro, Matt described the first encounter he had with a homeless person that sparked the idea:

"I saw a guy on a corner who looked like he was doing it tough. I parked, took a photo of the voucher and gave [the voucher] to him. He was a proud man and told me that he’d been a banker, but a series of events had left him on the streets. He claimed his burger, shook my hand and moved on. I decided to put my idea on my photography page as it had a decent following and the response has been overwhelming."

Matt says he's even heard stories of businesses and schools setting up ticket jars, and people headed into metropolitan areas to hand out tickets to those who are in need.

I mean, it's not the healthiest of foods, but if you're hungry and haven't eaten in a while, a McChicken could seem like a godsend.