It seems like all of the cool social incentives for young people to become better people are all overseas.

Like this Dutch senior home, Humanitas Denveter, that offers free apartments for younger people.

humanitas deventer

Sounds too good to be true? Well, not really, depending on whether or not you like being a good neighbor to senior citizens.

humanitas deventer

Young folks can live rent free at the home if they spend about 30 hours a month chilling with their senior pals.

humanitas deventer

There are five grad students in their mid to late 20s currently living in Humanitas Deventer who regularly have meals and talk with their older neighbors.

humanitas deventer

The whippersnappers also give lessons in using new technology so the residents can keep up with the times.

humanitas deventer

One of  the students, 27-year-old Patrick Stoffer, was pleasantly surprised by how meaningful his time living in the senior center has become.

"At first I thought I’m just gonna help out a little bit, but you find out that these relationships are deeper than you would expect."

Learning to cope and think about death on a daily basis was extremely eye-opening for Stoffer, too.

humanitas deventer

Humanitas Deventer isn't the only place doing this, 1920'S luxury hotel in Cleveland, Ohio has been converted to a senior home and music students can enjoy free housing in exchange for playing for the residents.

More of these everywhere, please.