Some parents coddle their kids to the point where they make excuses for all of their behaviors. Whether it's young children who refuse to eat anything that comes in a wrapper and freak out if they're not playing games on Mom and Dad's smartphones, or that girl who once flipped out for getting a Lexus on her 16th birthday.

The worst are the parents that try and blame the teachers for everything on back to school night. You know the type, the ones that think their kid is an angel when the rest of the world sees their demon seed for who they really are: absolute scumbags.

However, his mom ain't that kind of mom.

So when her constantly late daughter asked her to write a note to her teachers explaining why she was tardy, her mom happily obliged.

The note set Nicole Poppic's daughter straight and hopefully taught her a lesson in ever making petty requests again.

"To whom it may concern:

Cara is tardy this morning as a result of a condition known as teenage-ism. Adolescents across our great nation are afflicted, and there is no known cure. Symptoms are multitudinous, but this particular morning, she suffered from an inability to remove herself from her bed, and also felt the need to talk back to her birth-giver.

She seems to be recovering her senses after watching her cell phone fly out the car window. Please call me if there is another flare-up."

That's what I call parenting, volume 3.