Ayumi Omori regularly sends her two-year-old twins on adventures. The thing is, they sleep right through them.

She has been documenting the misadventures of Ichika and Taichi ever since they were babies on Instagram, paying homage to classic films, giving them new jobs, or (my personal favorite) pitting them against Kermit the Frog in what must've been a low point in his career.


. 蛙は怒らせると、怖いよ〜?? . Злой лягушки страшно.

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Her method is similar to the one Laura Izumikawa takes with her daughter, in that she observes their positions once they've fallen asleep, and then comes up with their latest gig. 

So far, they've been to infinity and beyond...


. #バズ と #ザーグ ? #buzz & #zurg . 娘はどこに??? . . Where is my daughter?

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And have met their galactic neighbors while they were out.


. #未知との遭遇 #?

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The twins have been Monsters.


. #マイクとサリー ? #モンスターズインク ?

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And they've been eaten by them.


. #ジョーズ #jaws #シャーク ?

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And though they've honed their skills well enough over these trips to become gold medalists. 

They can still hold their own in a street fight(er).


But when it's all said and done, they still have to show up to work like everyone else.


. 異常なし? . Нет ненормальность.

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