When officers discovered the body of a stillborn baby girl found on a walking path, they were understandably emotional. Especially Inspector Jim Holmes.

Holmes, along with multiple print publications, rallied to try and find the mother of the stillborn baby. He gave the unnamed child the Arabic name, Raihana, which means "Heaven's Flower".

Funds were then raised to have a proper funeral for Raihana, instead of the haphazard roadside abandonment her body was subjected to.


A service that hundreds of people attended to honor Raihana.


She was given an official naming ceremony before finally being lowered into the ground and a sign was placed near her small grave.


Unfortunately, Raihana's mother was never found. Something Inspector Holmes vowed he would do in a speech he gave at the baby's grave.


"No matter how small the lead, we will follow it up,’ he said, in a moving speech delivered at Raihana’s graveside. We will keep on trying to find your mother. That is my promise to you." - Metro reported.

In addition to leaving flowers and pink stuffed animals, guests left notes of remembrance for little Raihana.


"For someone who was on the earth for such a short time, you have touched the hearts and minds of the community and the entire country." Holmes said.


"You have left an indelible mark." He continued.

A member of the British Humanist Association carried out the funeral services and spoke of Raihana's sad circumstance.


"The little girl we are saying goodbye to today remains unknown. Her mother unfortunately has not come forward so we know nothing about her family or her heritage. We can’t say if her mother had any personal religion. We have our humanity in common, knowing it is what brings us together today. This little girl is one of our own and one of our community. We are giving her a home in our hearts."

Hopefully they can find the mother, who can visit Raihana's grave and have her peace. (h/t metro)